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Product Example

CASE EXAMPLEGeared Motor Unit with Torque Limiter

The "Geared Motor Unit with Torque Limiter" is a torque transmitter placed in a compact molded enclosure using Minebea's high torque compact DC motor (also known as the "S-motor"), along with gears, a torque limiter, assist springs and others, all of which have been designed by the Tokyo Research and Development Center (TRDC) by taking advantage of its elemental technologies.
This unit is selected for state-of-the-art open/close mechanism on shower toilet seat/lid for example. The unit can also be handled manually because the unit is supplied with the Torque Limiter.

image:Geared Motor Unit with Torque Limiter


The "Lift up Unit" is a mechanism using Minebea's PM stepping motor, together with gears and a frame designed by TRDC by utilizing its elemental technologies as well.
This unit is selected on a toilet seat that can be lifted up and down for ease for daily cleaning.
The mechanism may also be applied for height adjustable equipment such as a display shelf.

image:Lift up Unit

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Home ... Electro Mechanics Solutions(EMS)... Product Example